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I spent most of my life looking for and creating win-win situations.

Prior to launching End 2 End Results, I oversaw the lead generation for a real estate syndication firm where I was given the latitude to design the marketing system of my dreams. In four years, the system helped create approximately $40M in real estate investments which were used to purchase $60M in real estate acquisitions valued in excess $90M. That framework further evolved into architecture that I use today to help business owners increase revenue.

I built E2E on the concept of financial alignment. A former CEO and close personal friend emphasized alignment as a business strategy to me. Financial alignment means that our sales funnel and LinkedIn campaigns are functioning as a profit center in your business.

When we are successful, then everyone is successful. Alignment also means that not only do we deliver exceptional Avatars, that we also take the time to help you understand and implement them in every aspect of your business so you can maximize their value.

In the past 30 years, I have been a mortgage loan officer, mortgage underwriter, insurance and financial services producer, sales team top producer, mentor, and serial entrepreneur.

In my spare time, I facilitate a multi-family investment group investing in real estate and real estate related deals around the country.

Starting in Fall of 2020, I will be the parent of a college student when my daughter heads across the country to start the next chapter of her life. Being a father to an amazing daughter has been more rewarding than any business transaction. I enjoy travel, mountain biking, wood and metal work, grilling, and playing with my rowdy Rhodesian ridgeback named Remy.

If you are a small or medium sized business owner, ceo or real estate investor; then lets connect on zoom right away. We are currently taking on one new client per week as we scale up. Additionally I am growing my real estate network nationally as we find more deals and build mutually profitable relationships.

Why Ravens?

Why Ravens?

3 Great Reasons To Work With End 2 End Results

Long Term Mindset

Long Term Mindset

We focus on being long term partners to you. Creating a strong profit center in your business is our primary mission
Proven & Effective Integrations

Proven & Effective Integrations

E2E’s commitment to knoweldge based client growth is highly unique and creates emotionally based client engagement which convert to revenue in your business
Win - Win Commitments

Win - Win Commitments

Alignment of Interest!! Our ROI guarantee means that you will never lose money on lead generation again

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