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What is a client avatar?
The heart of target marketing is to know your target. The client avatar is an in depth profile that is a snapshot of a potentially perfect client that wants and needs your services. It tells a story of that client in exceptional detail. It is a profile of the one person with whom you want to build a client relationship. (See why for additional detail)                    
What is s the most effective marketing technique that’ll get me leads?
Knowing your client!! A person can be a master of SEO, psychology and even an uber-geek on line and never properly communicate to the perfect client. A detailed, exacting and intimate knowledge of your perfect client(s) is essential to target marketing. This is the key reason why most funnels fail.
Does this work in place of SEO ?
No, it works in conjunction with SEO, part of the E2E Avatar Builder & Funnel Halo, Referral & Lead Generation Engine include basic SEO on your website home page and on your FAQ page. Creating your best google credibility is a by product of building a great funnel AND incorporating a referral engine. One of the most important parts of the ever changing google algorithm is credibility. The E2E Avatar Builder & Funnel Halo, Referral & Lead Generation Engine creates google credibility by determining a core message that you can use, by linking all of the Funnel Halo entry points into a cohesive marketing message and by linking the top third party sources to drive organic traffic.
What are the key benefits of target marketing?
Differentiating yourself from your competitors. Build better customer loyalty. Speak directly to your best and favorite clients in a manner to which they will be receptive in an ever evolving digital landscape. Improve products and services. and especially FOCUS!. in the digital age it is more important than ever to set yourself apart and provide a unique experience. Focus on the best clients and you naturally optimize your resources, your time and your budget.
Why should I have a client avatar?
A good avatar works as filter, allowing you to target great clients and avoid bad clients. It improves your bottom line by defining the most profitable niches, by crafting messages that resonate with them. It allows you to anticipate your customers needs, to understand their journey on how they found you and landed at the perfect place online to need your services. It goes far beyond demographic segmentation by determining their pain points, their values and their motivation. It uncovers their triggers and what key marketing messages are most likely to resonate with them. A great avatar incorporates demographic, psychological, neurological and personality studies. It also includes emotional data and tells the story of the perfect client. It allows you to find them online in places that aren't always obvious. The benefits are that your marketing is focused, your marketing creates more of the top clients with whom you enjoy working. It saves you a lot of time and frustration dealing with undefined market segments. In short it is the fastest way to achieve positive ROI in the modern digital landscape
What is the Funnel Halo?
The funnel halo is End 2 End results proprietary system on creating entry points into your sales funnel. We use a combination of known traffic drivers and conversion tools in conjunction with the data created from your avatar to create a lead generating and referral engine so that more of the right people can find you both organically and through referrals. We use many systems that you might have already such as Google my Business and You Tube and Yelp. The challenge most businesses face is that these systems are not properly optimized or integrated. Its like having a sports car that is not running on all cylinders. If you systems don't have the right connectivity, the right conversion tools and lead toward a logical conclusion then your business simply will not convert the way it should. Just like that sports car, it isn't functioning the way it was intended to be used.
Can you use the systems I have already?
ES. as part of your funnel launch we optimize these systems for you, we create the necessary tracking and month over month reporting to ensure that your digital marketing is optimized for the finest results. Additionally we have several of our own systems that we incorporate such as a very robust reputation management system which can create hundreds of optimized and seo's link in your funnel halo
What are the top three ways to drive traffic from Google?


1) Google map pack, especially good for local businesses 
2) People also ask
3) Google page one As a bonus comment getting links from high authority websites is effective. Linking from You Tube (a Google owned site) is one of the most effective ways to increase your rank. Don't forget to focus on your conversion message when you post to You Tube.


Is this a turn-key system?
I would consider this mostly turn key. There is some much needed interaction with our clients early int he process. The avatar interview and your prep work needed for the interview will take you about two hours. Once the avatar is built and the sales funnel is ready for deployment, then another one or two (1-2) hours is needed to train your sales and / or operations team on how to best use the referral engine. Part fo the package includes unlimited optimization until target ROI is achieved. Once the system is full deployed, you will need to monitor it each month. Most businesses have more than one avatar. Once you are ROI positive, you may want to build additional avatars
Why should I work with End 2 End Results (E2E)
  1. Several reasons.
    check the testimonials page and visit my linked in profile to review various testimonials I have received over the the last several years.
  2. The The E2E Avatar Builder & Funnel Halo, Referral & Lead Generation Engine is guaranteed** for a limited time. My commitment is to align values with your business and pat fo that commitment is to ensure that The E2E Avatar Builder & Funnel Halo, Referral & Lead Generation Engine becomes a profit center in your business. If you are not ROI positive in 90 days, then you will not be charged until you become ROI positive. I exist to grow your business and the guarantee is how I choose to ensure that your digital marketing is NEVER a money pit. ** some restrictions apply.
Can I build this on my own?

Possibly. I have 29 years of sales and marketing experience, over 15 years of digital experience and countless hours of personal testing and systems integration work to find, build and optimize the finest system available at a reasonable cost. If you are a business owner, how best is your time spent? closing sales, training sales people, developing your wealth building team, investing in passive income OR would you prefer hiring an experienced architect that already built a functional system?

Do you work on commission?

No. This system delivers leads and prospects into your business. It is not in my control to ensure that you answer the phone or respond to inquiries in a timely manner.

Do you want more traffic?

What if I told you that more traffic doesn’t always mean more business. If you push traffic to a website that is not optimized with a compelling offer or layed outwith conversion in mind (eg its just a pretty or maybe not so pretty website) then you can waste thousands of dollars – try 50k in 3 months back in 2017 – and have NOTHING to show for it.

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