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Through their proprietary formula, Dave Grimm and his team at End 2 End Results (E2E) are able to build incredibility detailed client persona models for vertical market growth in the services, investment, real estate and legal spaces.

End to End Results (E2E), a digital lead generation company specializing in Avatar (target client persona) development, is relaunching its brand with a focus on helping small and mid-sized businesses during these challenging times including the impact on businesses because of COVID-19. E2E’s unique Avatar build includes in-depth quantitative demographic, psychological, personality and neurological research.

E2E also offers additional services which include customized traffic and conversion mini-websites, and LinkedIn campaigns that facilitate relationship selling such as real estate, investments, financial and legal services.

E2E spent many months piloting with select companies in an effort to differentiate each client, as well as to enhance the services E2E could offer its customers. “Avatars create highly actionable insights into what prospective customers are thinking, feeling, and doing at the time they are deciding to purchase”, states founder, Dave Grimm.

E2E delivers high-value data alongside digital marketing tools within each Avatar giving small and medium sized businesses a deeper understanding of customer needs and how to solve for them. Personas also direct service and product development by creating features that help them achieve their desired outcomes. They help to prioritize which projects, campaigns, and initiatives in which to invest time and resources.

E2E Avatars are currently being successfully used in legal services, merchant services, financial services, real estate syndications and more.

Rob Kopman, Owner at Kopman Financial “Dave’s value far exceeded my expectations. Even BEFORE he launched my campaign, I had already received more than my money’s worth. I had no idea just how unfocused my marketing was. The accuracy of the avatar was amazing, and I immediately began seeing prospects in a new and more effective manner. I am now laser-focused on my target market.”

David Hirschfeld, CEO at Tekyz had this to say… “What I love about the way Dave works is that he doesn’t only narrow down my customer’s demographic, he really narrows in on the types of behaviors and personalities that want my services. That makes is so much easier to tease out the right messaging … soooo much better!!!”

Madison Beedy, CEO of Path Technology, “End 2 End Results is fantastic. As a business owner, it is hard to get your Phoenix SEO and website up and running on your own without spending thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours researching how to do it. His results are amazing. With his suggestions, I was able to jump from page 12 to page 1 on Google.

Businesses often pay several thousand per month for digital marketing services, many of which fail to produce substantial ROI and many more that fail to produce consistent results because the client persona is not developed or is drastically underdeveloped.

Dave Grimm believes there are typically nine ways that digital marketing, actually, most any marketing fails. Not having an in depth understanding of your client is directly related to five of the nine reasons.

E2E is poised to grow and is currently limiting growth to one new client per week in order to deliver optimum results. Backlog has ranged from 14-60 days over the last six months. For a limited time, E2E is delivering their proprietary avatars at an investment price of $1000/Avatar to support small and mid-size businesses during these unprecedented times.

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3 Great Reasons To Work With End 2 End Results

Long Term Mindset

Long Term Mindset

We focus on being long term partners to you. Creating a strong profit center in your business is our primary mission
Proven & Effective Integrations

Proven & Effective Integrations

E2E’s commitment to knoweldge based client growth is highly unique and creates emotionally based client engagement which convert to revenue in your business
Win - Win Commitments

Win - Win Commitments

Alignment of Interest!! Our ROI guarantee means that you will never lose money on lead generation again

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