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The next game is at 6pm on the evening of Thursday April 2, 2020 and each game is held via Zoom webinar due to the COVID crisis.  We will be accepting the first 8 registrations in case someone cannot show.   Once you register please look for a Google calendar invitation from [email protected] with details on how to log in.  

CASHFLOW Classic is the free online investing game that makes learning to invest fun.

We believe the best way to learn isn’t done reading textbooks or listening to lectures. We believe the best learning is accomplished by doing the real thing. For example, if you want to learn how to ride a bike, reading a book or listening to a lecture won’t help very much. Sure, you can learn some high-level theory about balance, stability, and the structural integrity of the bike… but it won’t help you overcome your fears of falling down. The only way to learn how to ride a bike is to go outside, hop on a bike and start to pedal.

Investing works the same way. You can read books about investing or listen to podcasts from day traders or watch YouTube videos on how to use stock trading software...

… but the only way to learn how to invest in the stock market or purchase your first real estate investment property is to do it.

Why Should You Play CASHFLOW Classic?

Playing the CASHFLOW Classic free online game will help you…

Learn how to invest without losing your money

Why haven’t you started to invest?

Is it lack of capital? Finding time?

Perhaps, but we believe the primary reason most people never begin investing isn’t a lack of money or motivation but overcoming their fears of making a mistake.

Unlike in real life, when you play CASHFLOW Classic, you won’t feel the painful humiliation—and monetary loss—you experience when you make the wrong pick in the stock market or your real estate investment doesn’t work out the way you thought it would.

Practice buying and selling stocks or investing in real estate for capital gains or cash flow as many times as you like. Simulate how you would handle real investing opportunities before you shell out your hard earned money.

It’s fun, safe, and free to play.

But learning how to invest isn’t the only reason to play CASHFLOW Classic.

Understand the difference between how the rich, the poor and the middle-class make money

Have you ever wondered how the rich earn so much money?

As the first chapter of Rich Dad Poor Dad states, the rich don’t work for money.

If the rich don’t work for money, what do they work for?

Cash-flowing assets, or passive income.

See, while most people earn a paycheck at a job, the rich earn money by acquiring cash-flowing assets to cover their expenses.

And that’s the strategy to winning CASHFLOW Classic: earn enough money through passive income to cover your monthly expenses.

Discover why it’s not how much you make—but how much you keep—that makes you rich

Just like the rich don’t earn money like most people… they don’t spend money like most people, either.

For example, most people assume a high-paying profession like a doctor or lawyer will allow them to get out of the Rat Race faster than a humble profession like a teacher or mechanic.

Though doctors and lawyers earn a higher salary than other professions, they are also stuck with higher expenses, as a result. This includes a bigger mortgage on their house, higher car payments, and school loans to name a few.

So while most people think trying to earn more money is the trick to attaining financial freedom, the rich know it’s not how much you make but what you do with what you make.

Realize that gameplay reflects your behavior in real life

And how do the rich acquire assets in real life?

The rich spend the money remaining after they pay their monthly expenses and invest it. Instead of buying doodads and liabilities like a bigger house, faster car, or a more lavish vacation, they have their money work for them.

The rich seize opportunities that the poor and the middle-class can’t see. Opportunities that are available to everyone… but it’s simply that most of us haven’t been trained to see them… yet.

Playing CASHFLOW Classic can show you how to see opportunities where you previously couldn’t see them.

Sounds great, but can a free, online educational game really do all that?

Yes! By playing CASHFLOW Classic, you will...

Gamify Your Education Through The Power of Play

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