We function as a profit center in your business!
Our mission is to closely align ourselves with our clients to create mutually successful win-win opportunities.

We have three (3) products that allow you to grow your small or medium sized business or syndication platform. Our number one goal is to convert digital marketing into revenue.

We build avatars (perfect client personas) that contain actionable data that our clients use to maximize revenue.

The E2E Avatar gives any business owner or marketing department actionable tools needed to understand their perfect client, to effectively communicate with them and convert them into revenue, often at higher margins. When you spend more time with the right people and more time building win-win relationships, they generally come back and buy more products or services.

Companies often have multiple avatars. E2E avatars can be a standalone product or they can be used in conjunction with our other services. In each case the avatars are used as the foundation to build or refine marketing efforts.

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We build marketing funnel campaigns. The Funnel Halo is a unique concept to E2E.

Tailored to your specific needs and using data from the E2E avatar we optimize anywhere from three to seven primary locations where your prospects are finding you online and ensure that we are creating engagement, simplicity and opportunity for you to connect with your perfect prospects.

Every Funnel Halo system comes with a 5-7-page mini website that is based on your avatar, is SEO optimized, has its own coded FAQ and is designed with a cold, warm, hot escalation sequence moving prospects through the conversion process.

They come with unlimited optimizations to create a mutually beneficial long-term partnership that allows you to grow your business. Funnels work for B2B and B2C and during our initial consult we determine if they are appropriate for your business.

We create LinkedIn conversion campaigns.

Using the E2E Avatar as the foundation adding tools like neuro-linguistics, empathetic and curiosity-based word patterns, we drive significant traffic and higher conversion rates into a cold, warm, and hot nurture sequence that creates a massive volume of new contacts and then builds new relationships that turn into business.

The E2E LinkedIn campaigns are customizable, and we offer upgrades such as social media management and live engagement services allowing you more time each day to work on your business instead of in your business.

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    Market Research and Lead Generation Firm Specializing in Building Client Profiles (Avatars)
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    Market Research and Lead Generation Firm Specializing in Building Client Profiles (Avatars)
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    End 2 End Results - E2E - specializes in helping businesses target their perfect client. Saving time, money, and headaches by avoiding clients that may not be the best in the long run. We create client profiles (avatars) using the kind of research that companies with deep pockets have been able to afford int he past - Once we figure out who your best client is - we go get them for you with our funnel halo system